Longer Lasting Tan & Clean Sheets

A silky sheet protector, that won’t absorb your wet tan from your skin like cotton does. Allowing you to wake up effortlessly flawless. Patented & Trademark US.

• Ultra spacious for all body sizes.

• Cool breathable design.

• No more soiled or stinky bed.

• Attached pillowcase & attached pouch to easily pack up for next time.

Turn heads with a perfect tan

Get a Perfect Tan Every Time

It’s not your fault, it’s your sheets. Never again wake up to a ruined tan or stained sheets to clean.

Maximize your results

Maximize your results

The Bronzie will maximize the results of ANY topical body-beauty treatment, like stretch mark oils or scar creams, by allowing the product to stay on the skin and work all night long. Don’t let your expensive products absorb into your cotton blended sheets.

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No streaks. No dirty sheets.

Cotton is Not Your Friend

Cotton sheets or clothing will ruin your perfectly applied tan. Free yourself of laundry chores & look forward to your self love, tanning ritual.

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We Guarantee the Glam

We Guarantee the Glam

Self love is a non-negotiable. The luxe material is such a boujee experience, we know you will love your Bronzie. If you don’t, send it back.

★ Reviews

Happy Babes Say...

9 reviews

i am OBSESSED. the bedtime bronzie gives the best tanning results. my clients LOVE it! a flawless tan every time! it’s perfect for spray tans, self tanner + all skin care products! cannot recommend enough!


I didn't know what I was missing until I used this. My tan is so even, rich and fresh! My fiance likes it more than me, I think because we don't have to worry about stained sheets!


Absolutely in love with my bronzie!! Recommend it to everyone! Best investment!


I had just gotten a fresh spray tan and used my new Bedtime Bronzie sheets and none of my tan rubbed off! They work so well!

I absolutely love my bedtime Bronzie sheets !!! This is the best investment for 2021 ♥️♥️♥️