Longer Lasting Tan & Clean Sheets

A silky sheet protector, that won’t absorb your wet tan from your skin like cotton does. Allowing you to wake up with an even tan, longer lasting results, & nothing to clean. US Patented & Trademarked.

• Ultra spacious for all body sizes

• Cool breathable design

• No more stained bedding odors

• Attached pillowcase & attached pouch to easily pack up for next time.

High Vibe & High Standards

We cant get enough of high vibe babes! We support all beings who are living by the compass of inner guidance and trusting it. Everything is revealed to you when you surrender to the power of the universe. Check out our High Vibe Blog..

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Maximize your results

Maximize your results

The Bronzie will maximize the results of ANY topical body-beauty treatment, like stretch mark oils or scar creams, by allowing the product to stay on the skin and work all night long. Don’t let your expensive products absorb into your cotton blended sheets.

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No streaks. No dirty sheets.

Cotton is Not Cool

Cotton sheets or clothing will ruin your perfectly applied tan. Free yourself of laundry chores & look forward to your self love, tanning ritual.

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Spray Tan Safe Mineral SPF 30

Maui made, vegan, clean, sunless line & Spray Tan Safe SPF 30 for exclusive boutiques. Our Professional Solution & Home Self Tanning line was carefully curated to meet the standards of luxe clients after clean, cruelty free, vegan beauty that doesn’t compromise gorgeous results.

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