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Bedtime Bronzie is a collective of golden soul babes out to raise vibes, spread light, and create effortless beauty. We had a problem, every tan we did, our clients were terrified to stain the sheets and get a bill from the hotel or airbnb owner. With the silk pillow case being such a hot trend, we came up with a super chic and durable solution, but for the entire body to protect the tan & the sheets!

We believe in high vibes and energy flow. Our team, our contacts, and our vendors work under the same Universal trust.

We put joy on the top of the to-do list. We are an ethical brand. We have high standards in our packaging & processing. We are firm believers that creating bliss is a power that each of us possess. Living in 5D is a constant state we function from. 

If you are a high vibe babe then maybe there’s a spot for you on our team? If you are a passionate light leader then email us your resume. We are always open to opportunities to grow our brand.


Infinite possibilities are ahead. Allow abundance, love, and light to arrive with ease...at it was meant to be! 


Sunless tanning is totally self love!

FACT: You look better tan. BUT Stop laying in the sun and burning your skin. Embrace the sunless tanning tribe and age gracefully, not prematurely.

You have a powerful aura and taking individual responsibility for self love means a higher vibe for the entire planet. 

The Bronzie was created by a Professional Spray Tan Master Artist & Educator. She found a solution to the daily question from her Spray Tan clients,

“Will this spray tan stain the sheets?”

or “Do I just lay on a towel?”

The Bronzie was designed by sunless tanning professionals to provide dual-benefits.

• Longer lasting tan & an even tan result. The silky material won't absorb the tan off the skin like cotton does, meaning your tan is able to travel deep into your skin.

• Keeps the sheets clean. No laundry to do the day after your tan. No stains. No odors. The Bronzie packers back up into it’s pouch for next time.

Along the trend of silky pillowcases, the Bronzie offers the same benefits, but for the entire body. 


“The Bronzie is more then a beauty tool or bedslip. All of our products at Bedtime Bronzie support self love and luxury lifestyles. Being jet-setting or cabana lounging; a gorgeous glow sets the vibe. The only safe tan is a sunless tan that preserves your youthful skin. We are here to make your sunless ritual a time of self love and no longer a chore. Using our tools will save you time & effort to elevate your tanning time so you can get on with living your best life! We spread light through everyone the Bronzie touches..thank you for glowing with us!.”


-All the Babes at Bedtime Bronzie


We want to hear how the Bronzie has elevated your tanning game! We know this patented design is a game changer for any beauty-babe.
★ Reviews

Let our customers tell you...

13 reviews

I don’t know why someone hast made this sheet soon for sunless tanning! It is exactly what I needed! Now my sheets won’t be dingy from bronzer all the time. I am laying in as I type this! 👏🏼🥰


Bedtime Bronzie is an essential accessory to any spray tan. It is so silky soft, keeps my tan staying fresh throughout the night and doesn’t get on my sheets! I LOVE the pink too!

So wonderful and silky. Really keeps your tan in tack!!

I am buying more of these sheets for gifts. It’s so unique and they are silky and comfortable. Reminds me of the silky I used to sleep with when I was a kid .Good memories ! I’m especially impressed as to how they retain my tan! That’s important and the comfort is just great!! But them you won’t be dissatisfied trust me.

Where has this been all of my life?

This product is genius. I used it for my fresh tan last week, and it came just in time. It was so soft and the perfect size. I love it.


i am OBSESSED. the bedtime bronzie gives the best tanning results. my clients LOVE it! a flawless tan every time! it’s perfect for spray tans, self tanner + all skin care products! cannot recommend enough!

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