Best clean self tan
High Vibe Clean Self Tan Condensed Drops | Dummy-Proof Easy to do!
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  • Load image into Gallery viewer, High Vibe Clean Self Tan Condensed Drops | Dummy-Proof Easy to do!

High Vibe Clean Self Tan Condensed Drops | Dummy-Proof Easy to do!

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Vegan. Clean. 5 Ingredients. Pure. Gorgeous Buildable Color. Maui Made. Small Batch. Earthy Toned. Plant Based Self Tan.

Just apply over a body lotion!

Body Directions: Apply body lotion all over liberally, including your hands and feet. Sit on a towel and drop 5 drops per body zone at a time and blend using your hand or our Bedtime Bronzie Brush.  Use the brush for hands, feet, and face.

Face, Hands & Feet Detail Directions: Drop 5 drops on a dish and swirl the brush to load the product. On a moisturized face, apply using the brush in small blending circles. Blend and swirl and continue to work the product down your moisturized neck and chest, blending and blending.   

The loaded brush is again used to tan the hands and feet but with long light strokes. The hands and feet need a good layer of lotion, too little and the product will grab too dark.


YOU CAN ALWAYS ADD MORE EASILY. Start with one coat of blending and after rinsing off at 8 hours, you can EASILY add more to where you want to be darker.

DO NOT APPLY TO DRY SKIN, the color will turn ultra dark and with out lotion lubricating a blended result, the end result will be patchy if no lotion is used.


INGREDIENTS: aloe, DHA 15% (plant derived sugar carb), brown sugar, black tea, coconut preservative.


Customer Reviews

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Sarah Stein
A must have in my beauty routine!!

I was totally skeptical about this product because of the orange and streaky tanners on the market. But this stuff is so natural and easy to use. No streaks just perfect golden tan that looks like you spent a week in Hawaii. I tell all my friends about this product! Its AMAZING 🤩

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