How to “Lean IN” ...what’s that mean?

I have heard this saying so many times, like, “lean into it” and at face value I hear the words but my experience has shown me that my perception is much different.

Lean in, is like when you feel spirit or magic of LIFE, or get goosebumps, and instead of saying “oh i got chickenskin” and rubbing them away, we STOP, OPEN UP, and ALLOW yourself to be DRUNK IN SPIRIT.... loose your inhibitions... go with it and FEEEEEEEEEEL....

Baby that’s all we have as humans, the feeling and emotions are good and it’s magic that you are hinted to feel, is SOURCE GIFTING you with something, don’t be afraid or shake it off, that’s your chance to open up, arms out, face to the sky, and SOAR.

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