• Come learn to Spray Tan at Slay the Spray

    Learn to Spray Tan at the Slay The Spray event October 15 2021
  • Recognizing High Vibe Beauty Businesses!

  • How to “Lean IN” ...what’s that mean?

    Being drunk in spirit is to soar away. Lean in...i’ll tell you what I know about that...
  • Practice: See you as myself

    You know when someone ticks you off...it’s that thing they do that UGH drives you nuts! Well as the universe is a mirror; and we project our stuff ...
  • I’m going to be in Bliss once i get....

    When I get my dream house i’m going to THEN feel like a Queen...no you can allow yourself to feel that joy in today! Let me show you how..
  • Lucid Dreaming with Bedtime Bronzie

    lucid dreams and how...

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