Lucid Dreaming with Bedtime Bronzie

Just like knowing the universe gives you WHO YOU ARE, and that identity belief is so crucial...

I have wanted to lucid dream for a while... its interesting how I was trying in the past with no confidence, but this month when the desire came to try again and take another course on Mind Valley (obsessed with personal growth) lol, I FELT READY, like something has changed in my perspective of confidence.

I have been learning "Out of Body" experience (OBE) and lucid dreaming in this same week and last night I had a LUCID DREAM OF AN OBE , lol

So if you know how to have an astral projection or OBE, you roll out of your body and visually do it to the side to back or forward....

I was dreaming and in my dream I rolled out of my body, and then couldn't stand up as I knew I was dreaming, or was it an OBE, then it was over, but I remember feeling my face stuck on the bed, not able to stand up or move....

What a trip right! 

Ill be sharing more about my journey into dreams and altered states of consciousness. - Karen

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